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I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t involved in shepherding a living being through the phases of life: from catching tadpoles in the creek and watching them grow in plastic containers, keeping my first goldfish alive, to caring for my pet rat Sniffles. Growing up in the suburbs of San Francisco, I spent my days outside, creating my own entertainment, experiencing the free-range childhood as a child of the 70s and 80s. Whether building forts, exploring the nearby creek, swimming, playing soccer, or running track, I was my best when outdoors and active. To know more about me as an author, please follow the link below:

Fish Out of Water

A Memoir

I had all the makings of a perfect childhood, but something wasn’t right. I had trouble reading and performing academically. At the age of seven, I was diagnosed with severe dyslexia and moved to a different school to a special day class for several years. Throughout this period, I wrestled with persistent self-doubt, coming to the realization that education would be a challenge I would face my entire life.

The outdoors became a refuge from the classroom for me, as I pursued interests in the natural environment of my neighborhood, leading to a passion for fish. Despite significant challenges, I graduated from high school in 1985, earned a bachelor’s degree in 1990, and later completed a master’s in marine biology, paving the way for a successful career as a fish biologist.

During adulthood, I discovered I was made for a purpose by God. After more than 30 years as a federal employee, I share how disability and faith become indispensable tools navigating the workplace. “Fish out of Water” is a celebration of God’s love, and how disability becomes ability as I find my purpose. My story is a testament to resilience, faith, and the triumph over the adversity of dyslexia.

What is homesteading?

Growing Food in Your Backyard

Master how to start a garden, transform your backyard into a miniature farm, and enjoy toxin-free, flavor-packed produce! Find out about the groundbreaking gardening book recognized by BookAuthority.

Gardening is one of the most fulfilling endeavors anyone can undertake. You go out in nature, help new life emerge through the earth, and watch your hard work blossom from mere seedlings into fully-fledged plants. You get to enjoy both the journey and the end. But not as many people practice gardening with concerns such as space, time constraint, work, or lack of knowledge.

If these are some of the factors holding you back, this book about gardening aims to show you that growing food in your backyard is more sustainable and efficient than you think. Authored by Jeffrey S. McLain, an avid gardener, Backyard Big, bestowed the BookAuthority award, covers all the bases of growing organic vegetables and fruits and creating a thriving garden that gives you bounty harvests seasons on end!

Growing Atlantic Giant Pumpkins in Your Backyard

How long does it take an Atlantic Giant Pumpkin to grow? The answer to this is a simple one. I keep track of how long it takes my pumpkins to grow each year. (I recommend maintaining a log) On average, it takes my giants approximately 100 days to mature.

How much does an Atlantic giant pumpkin cost? This is all up to you. You can spend less than one hundred dollars, or you can spend thousands.

What is the secret to growing a giant pumpkin? In the most simple terms, it is three things. A good seed, good soil, and lots of sun and water. Obviously, there is more to it than that. That is why I wrote a book about it!

Where is the best place to plant giant pumpkins? Pumpkins tend to do best in temperate climates, however, they can be grown just about anywhere with the proper mitigation. They are a warm season plant and can’t tolerate frost. A good sunny location is needed in your yard with well drained soil.


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