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Growing Atlantic Giant Pumpkins In Your Backyard


The Book

This is a book about growing giant pumpkins. There is a lot of information written about the growing of giant pumpkins. Many resources delve into the details of growing in a general sense and primarily ignore the difference between a backyard grower and a grower with lots of space. This book focuses on growing giant pumpkins in the backyard. It is entirely possible to grow a giant pumpkin in a small backyard and have fun.

Backyard Big: Growing Atlantic Giant Pumpkins in Your Backyard

A Detailed Guide on Growing Giant Pumpkins

I would like to introduce you to the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin, Cucurbita maxima. The largest growing vegetable there is. A squash that captures the imagination of young and old alike. 

Hue the giant pumpkin.

How long does it take an Atlantic Giant Pumpkin to grow? The answer to this is a simple one. I keep track of how long it takes my pumpkins to grow each year. (I recommend maintaining a log) On average, it takes my giants approximately 100 days to mature.

How much does an Atlantic giant pumpkin cost? This is all up to you. You can spend less than one hundred dollars, or you can spend thousands.

What is the secret to growing a giant pumpkin? In the most simple terms, it is three things. A good seed, good soil, and lots of sun and water. Obviously, there is more to it than that. That is why I wrote a book about it!

Where is the best place to plant giant pumpkins? Pumpkins tend to do best in temperate climates, however, they can be grown just about anywhere with the proper mitigation. They are a warm season plant and can’t tolerate frost. A good sunny location is needed in your yard with well drained soil.

It is entirely possible to grow a large Atlantic Giant Pumpkin in a small backyard and have fun doing it. The focus of this book is on the backyard grower and addresses the unique challenges us land-starved types have. The climate where you grow your pumpkin will influence things in a big way, and because I live in the hot interior valley of California, many of the tips and techniques in this book will address the various challenges of growing in the Central Valley of California. 

The tips, techniques, and strategies are my own opinion and have brought me some success and definitely made for some fun years of growing pumpkins. I am by no means an expert, but consider myself a novice in this hobby. I intend to give the reader enough information to grow a large Atlantic Giant Pumpkin. 


The objective of growing Atlantic Giant Pumpkins is to have fun and challenge oneself, not to make money or break the world record. Leave the world records for those that have the space and tools for such an endeavor. Champion growers often use cutting edge techniques and products, and typically have an abundance of space to grow giants. Can you grow a 1,000, 1,500, or even 2,000-pound pumpkin in a backyard? I say yes, you can!

My first Atlantic Giant Pumpkin, approximately eight years ago, was a seed ordered from the internet and grew to a mere 40 pounds (big lesson here). In 2017, I grew a 798-pound Atlantic Giant, and I was hooked. In 2020, I grew two pumpkins; a 998 and a 1,117.5-pound Atlantic Giant — enough to win a little money.

Since my initial success, each of my pumpkin seasons have been marked with unique experiences and ups and downs. For example, my experience in 2021 was completely different and ended with a 974 bright orange beauty. Unfortunately, it rotted two weeks prior to my target weigh off, and it did not make it to the scale. In 2022, my backyard was hit by a horrendous heat wave, and I lost both my pumpkins early in the season due to the heat. In 2023, I grew a bright orange pumpkin that actually got to the scales. Every one of these seasons has been different and equally rewarding, no matter the result. If I can do this, anyone can. I hope the information in this book is helpful to you.

Why you Should Get your Hands on “Backyard Big”

Besides all the necessary information one needs about growing a giant pumpkin in the backyard, this book additionally covers tips to grow in adverse weather. It also covers what type of pumpkin is best for growing, when to start planting the seeds and how to take care of the pumpkin plant. I have also highlighted some helpful tips on how to choose a suitable site for planting pumpkins. Additional tips include how to prepare the soil and fertilizer and watering recommendations. If you’re ready to start growing your own giant pumpkins, check out “Backyard Big.”

If you’re looking to add an Atlantic Giant Pumpkin to your garden this year, then check out the pages on my website and my Blog. Make sure to check out my post how to grow giant pumpkins. If you require any guidance related to giant pumpkin growing, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

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